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Flood Damage is Likely in Highland Park When Strong Storms Pass Overhead

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage is Likely in Highland Park When Strong Storms Pass Overhead Flood damage from a storm can bring dangerous biological and chemical contaminants into your home.

Rely on professional remediation services when a storm causes damage to your home

Storms with an overabundance of rainwater can overload an area quickly when the hard, dry ground fails to absorb any of the water. Running downhill helps protect homes from flooding, but this is not always the case. Natural or altered topography can prevent this from happening.

Highland Park is relatively flat, and flood damage can easily occur because rainwater has nowhere to travel. Spread out, small depressions in the ground fill quickly with water. Homes that rest in these locations experience flooding before others in nearby areas might.

Areas like this can experience slowly ebbing floods, but the damage is similar to others from faster-moving water. Even a small amount of damage should receive professional attention. Without having a company such as SERVPRO providing remediation services, secondary losses become much more likely.

Our employees learn and gain experience on the job and also receive internationally accepted certificates from the IICRC. Flooding brings in much more than water – it also carries biological and chemical contaminants into your living space. Proper removal of these unwanted contaminants and any other debris that has washed in must happen quickly.

Pumping out excess water and ensuring everything regains a normal state of moisture helps preserve your home. Microbial growth can affect residents afterward unless measures to prevent this happen. Saving walls and floors from destruction is easiest when work immediately begin after floodwaters recede.

Flooding in the lowest level of a home raises the humidity level inside the entire home, making it necessary to keep doors closed, preventing moisture from spreading as easily. Keeping doors closed can also reduce the ability of mold spores to travel. Along with our dehumidifiers, air scrubbers make the air much cleaner and free of most pathogens. Air blowers, which keep moisture from settling anywhere and prevent it from being absorbed into dry materials, help lift moisture from all surfaces in the home.

Hidden areas in your home, such as crawl spaces and under porches, also require professionals who can restore a dry environment. Left alone, these areas can quickly become places for water to stagnate and become breeding grounds for insects, microbes, and rodents.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Montgomery want to put their IICRC certificates to work for homeowners in our area. Restoring your home with professional mitigation is a priority after flood damage. Call us at (334) 273-0992 whenever your home needs attention.

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Getting Help Dealing with Mold Damage on Your Highland Park Property

8/27/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Getting Help Dealing with Mold Damage on Your Highland Park Property When you see or smell mold in your home, it is time to call SERVPRO for our mold remediation and restoration services. Call without delay.

SERVPRO Technicians Expertly Remediate Mold Infestations in Your Home

Mold damage occurs when a natural environmental fungus finds its way into your Highland Park home. It treats many of the organic materials used to build your home as a food source, finds a suitably dark environment, where moisture exists and goes to work almost immediately.

Finding mold damage in your Highland Park area home is quite common. Many homeowners suffer from this problem; some of you may not even know that it exists. Mold growth produces a dank, musty smell in a localized area surrounding developing colonies. If you know what to look for, or are familiar with the scent, it can be easy to identify areas fairly early. Unfortunately, most homeowners dismiss the odor, even after smelling it countless times.

Discovering mold damage often means that a larger problem exists, by the time you can visually see mold, growth is often out of control on the inside of a wall, ceiling, or floor. Professional remediation specialists, like those at SERVPRO, use specialized equipment to locate sources of water that allow mold growth to occur and use containment methods to stop the spread.

In most situations, homeowners that attempt cleaning moldy areas alone create additional problems that expand the affected area and cause additional damage. They do not understand that store bought chemicals only provide them with half measures, never producing quality results. SERVPRO mold remediation specialists never use chemicals as a sole method to control mold growth in your home.

It may be fun to learn which type of mold invaded your home. However, knowing the species of mold does nothing to change the methods used to mitigate the problem. Unless you specifically want to know, just to know, the mold home test kits that you find in your local supermarket are a waste of time and money. Besides, the results you receive from the lab after 7 to 10-days are often incomprehensible to anyone without an advanced degree in biology or medical testing.

Take advantage of mold remediation services available from SERVPRO of Montgomery, today. We stand ready to help you recover and make the most of any emergency situation that may occur. (334) 273-0992

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Keeping Fires from Starting in Your Montgomery Garage

8/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Keeping Fires from Starting in Your Montgomery Garage Keep your garage clutter free. But if you do happen to have a fire, contact SERVPRO for remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Fire Damage and Offer Many Fire Prevention Tips

The garage runs a close second to the kitchen when it comes to areas of the home that are a common source of fire damage. You store cars in the garage, and many people use this room for working on them, meaning there is gas or oil, or other flammable materials in this enclosed space. Add to this the clutter which goes with it and the fact that garages are storage spaces for flammable items, and you have the perfect place for fires to start.
As with anything else when it comes to fire damage in your Montgomery garage, being proactive is the best defense to keep your home as safe as possible from fire. Fuels, fluids, and cleaners should be sealed properly, and flammable materials stored away from elements which are flammable as well.
If the worst has already happened and a fire broke out, you can call us at SERVPRO. We are a professionally trained fire damage remediation company, and we have the tools and knowledge to help you restore your home back to its original condition.
Electrical devices in a garage need to be used carefully. Do not overload the circuit box, and unplug any units when not in use. You should also have a fire extinguisher in your garage. Clear any clutter out of your garage, as it makes it safer when you are walking around, but also cuts down on the probability of a fire spreading in the event of an emergency.
Flammable liquids need to be stored in small amounts and away from heat sources of any kind such as space heaters, vents, and pilot lights. Also, keep propane tanks outdoors. They are equipped and made sturdy for outdoor storage.
After a fire, there are several forms of damage including smoke and soot, plus water damage from putting the fire out. SERVPRO technicians take care of all of it for you, restoring anything salvageable, cleaning up the smoke and soot, and drying out the area and your possessions.
Fires in garages can spread just as quickly, if not faster, than other areas of your home due to several flammable items. Give SERVPRO of Montgomery a call as soon as the fire is safely out so we can salvage all that is possible. You can reach us at any time you need by dialing (334) 273-0992.

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Montgomery Home and Blood Cleanup

8/5/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Montgomery Home and Blood Cleanup SERVPRO Can Clean and Sanitize Blood Spills in Montgomery Properties

Biohazardous Clean Ups By SERVPRO Means Good Results

A biohazard spill often involves some type of bodily fluid. In private homes, this usually means a blood spill. There are certain risks when it comes to restoring a home after an incident with blood happens, and they need to seriously considered before cleanup efforts begin.
Residents should not attempt to clean up a blood spill in their Montgomery home. Even without the emotional component, there is the risk of disease and other pathogens in even a small amount of blood. SERVPRO understands both elements and how to deal with them when developing a restoration plan.
Cleaning and removing blood and blood stains require chemical cleaners designed to neutralize the pathogens in them. Infectious diseases found in blood spills and splatters include Hepatitis A, B, and C, as well as HIV and many others. To ensure we do this properly, our technicians utilize anti-bacterial cleaners we keep on-hand.
The anti-bacterial cleaners are necessary since blood does not respond to conventional cleaners like dirt or soot. Conventional agents do not always clean blood completely and even when they do, there is often, a stain remaining at the spill point. Leaving a visible mark is not something we accept; if we cannot remove the entire mark, our technicians can repaint the affected area or remove the stained structural property (i.e. wall board and trim) and replace it.
We realize that there is a story behind each spill and do everything we can to respect a resident’s privacy. Our team members are instructed to never speak to the neighbors or the local newspapers and TV stations, and any questions we ask are unique to the restoration process. If we do not know the answer, then we cannot accidentally say something to the wrong person. We are empathetic and fully appreciate the need for discretion. We are here to help.
Restoring your home after any disaster is difficult. Cleaning up a blood spill is one of the more difficult tasks we face, but SERVPRO of Montgomery is here to help. We want to return your home to its original state so that you can move forward when the time is right for you. Call us today at (334) 273-0992 to schedule an inspection and get started.

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Drying is a Challenge in the Case of Flood Damage to Exterior Walls in Highland Gardens

7/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Drying is a Challenge in the Case of Flood Damage to Exterior Walls in Highland Gardens A burst or leaking pipe can flood your home. Contact SERVPRO after a flooding event to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Root Out All the Pockets Where Flood Waters Hide in Your Home After a Disaster

Water damage to any part of the home is enough to give any householder a headache. Many instances of flood damage affect interior walls, floors or ceilings, such as the kitchen or the bedroom. However, there are some cases when a burst pipe or leaking appliance causes damage to one of the exterior walls of a home.
Drying is vital after any water damage. Leaving a property without proper drying opens it up to long-term structural damage and even mold growth. However, flood damage to exterior walls in Highland Gardens presents a particular challenge for restoration experts. That is why we recommend putting in a call to SERVPRO at once: We train our technicians to handle even the most challenging drying situations to restore your home “Like it never even happened.”
Cinder block walls in particular need specialist care to restore them to optimum dryness. The cells within the walls can hold water. Sometimes there is a coat of gloss or semi-gloss paint on the wall - this creates a barrier that stops water moving from the inside to the outside of the wall. SERVPRO technicians have the skill to drill a hole in the bottom of the mortar wall to allow drainage, and we patch the wall up carefully afterward.
Insulation material inside external walls is often a barrier to drying. Our professionals assess each situation and decide whether it is best to remove the insulation and replace it.
External walls typically have low air circulation and are often constructed in a way that limits airflow and causes difficulty in drying the interior of the wall.
Our teams arrive equipped with a range of dehumidifiers and air movers ready to dry out your walls. Of course, dehumidifiers cannot be used out of doors, but in some cases positioning a dehumidifier in the room closest to the wall is helpful. The positioning of air movers requires extra care because external walls take longer to dry. Hence optimum placement of air movers is vital.
We monitor the drying situation at all times by using moisture meters to track progress. We take readings from unaffected walls nearby so we can assess the optimum drying goal. Our aim is always restoring the wall to its ideal level of dryness.
For help with water-logged walls, give SERVPRO of Montgomery a call at (334) 273-0992.

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Expert Help Dealing With Blood Cleanup In Your Montgomery Area Home

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Expert Help Dealing With Blood Cleanup In Your Montgomery Area Home Trust SERVPRO for Safe and Sympathetic Blood Clean Up in Montgomery

Biohazardous Remediation Requires Professional Efficiency

The standards and practices that deal with handling blood spills on your property were designed to protect you, your family, and the public from the possible spread of infectious diseases. Even if you know the person who was injured, you should always take the opportunity to reduce the risk of infection by seeking professional help.
Having someone injured or an accident occur on your Montgomery area property where blood cleanup becomes necessary can cause serious infection. Anyone taking on the task of cleaning blood or other bodily fluids and tissues should always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment PPE, this includes eyewear to protect your eyes, disposable gloves, shoe protection, and a gown of some sort to prevent contact.
As a property owner, you may come face to face with a variety of situations where you simply are not informed enough to handle an incident on your own. A professional restoration company, like SERVPRO, can provide you with expertly trained technicians who understand which precautions to take to prevent additional harm when addressing blood. This also keeps you out of potential harm's way.
SERVPRO technicians have experience in dealing with rental situations that involve cleaning up drug houses, where disposal of needles, razors, or other sharps becomes necessary. We always dispose of sharps materials using a puncture-proof container and the appropriate waste disposal method, it is our goal to prevent the unknown, so we never take any chances and neither should you.
With a staff of highly-trained professionals on your side, SERVPRO provides you with the ability to clean all blood soaked materials and surfaces found in your home. Our cleaning technicians understand how to avoid splashing or spraying during the cleanup process, use industrial-grade disinfectants, and ventilate the area properly to help prevent airborne pathogens. We can isolate and create physical barriers for additional protection from cross-contamination.
Dealing with any incident on your property involving blood or other bodily fluids is extremely important, it is far from something that you want to leave to chance. If you want to protect everyone involved and prevent safety issues that you might not even think of on your own. Please bear in mind, that we respect your privacy and will always be courteous while treating your home.
Contact SERVPRO of Montgomery for the help you deserve, today. (334) 273-0992

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Protect Your Company's Warehouse Facility In Chisholm From Fire Damage

6/7/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Protect Your Company's Warehouse Facility In Chisholm From Fire Damage When a Chisholm Warehouse is Ablaze, Call SERVPRO for the Cleanup

SERVPRO Helps Prevent and Reduce Fire Damage to Your Chisholm Business

A fire damage restoration company is the perfect partner to turn to for advice about fire concerns on your warehouse property. They can offer you assistance both before and after an emergency occurs, helping you implement plans to ensure every employee understands their role.  
Warehouses present unique fire challenges, getting help protects your Chisholm area property from fire damages that may occur. Through preparation, you can avoid the uncertainty about fire suppression system performance, questions regarding building integrity, and potential storage collapse from keeping you up at night.  
SERVPRO technicians can inspect your entire facility, providing you feedback on hazards that pose a significant threat to your business. For you, it may be something as simple as implementing a quality housekeeping program to help avoid the buildup of splintered wood pallets, corrugated cardboard, plastic wrap, or smaller debris that help accelerate the progress of a fire.  
Some SERVPRO customers might need advice about which fire protection equipment, suppression systems, or pallet rack system would fit their needs. We can help you remain compliant with fire safety codes, keep your building safe, and provide you with the services required to save your business after an accident occurs on your property.  Ask us about our Emergency Ready Plan for your warehouse.
Having SERVPRO on your side can help you go beyond compliance. Installing and maintaining a fire suppression system provides you with the most security. However, when storing items, you need to keep the proper distance for sprinkler heads efficiency and leave the appropriate amount of flue space between each pallet.  
You can learn more about which products to store where, avoiding contact between plastics, aerosols, and other hazardous materials, including propane that should be kept at least 20ft away from fire exits or have limited quantities allowed within your facility.  
Implementing evacuation plans for your employees, providing fire extinguisher training, designating the correct floor storage and staging areas, avoiding trash accumulation and maintaining a relationship with a local restoration company help your chances to avoid major loss.  
Contact SERVPRO of Montgomery today to gain access to expertly trained fire damage specialists and receive the fire damage cleanup and restoration services that you and your business deserve. Our IICRC certified technicians are available 24/7 to provide you with the assistance you can count on to prepare for emergency situations. (334) 273-0992
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Understanding Dangers of Smoke and Soot in Your Chisholm Residence

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Understanding Dangers of Smoke and Soot in Your Chisholm Residence Chisholm Smoke & Fire Damage Cleanup is a SERVPRO Specialty

Count on SERVPRO for Smoke & Fire Cleanup to Your Property

Everyone knows fires are dangerous. However, did you know the flames are not the biggest risk as far as health and property damage? Smoke is the leading cause of deaths from fire, exceeding burns by a 3 to 1 ratio. Direct exposure to smoke is, of course, harmful to your respiratory system, but it can affect the structure of your home negatively as well.

Smoke from any fire is composed of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, other chemicals, and particles which can produce even more fire damage in your Chisholm residence. Depending on what burned, other harmful chemicals are airborne and can be inhaled into your lungs or stick to furniture, walls, ductwork, clothing, and other areas. It is urgent after a fire that you call in a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO who can remove the smoke and soot from your home to prevent additional damages.

Since hot air rises, you can commonly find smoke damage right over where the fire was burning. Strong air currents can circulate through your residence. You can also find smoke damage outside windows and walls because cold air sinks under warmer air which opens a path for the smoke to travel to the exterior walls and windows.

Your home has decorations, furniture, enclosed spaces and other features which interact with smoke, causing the harm to sometimes be found in more unusual spaces, such as closed closets, dresser drawers and wall cavities which seem to be closed off. Smoke and soot can also be found behind blinds and drapes because smoke naturally goes to cooler areas.

Many times, smoke particles are ionized, which means they hold an electrical charge that attracts them to surfaces. Smoke and soot can, therefore, be found surrounding nail heads in a ceiling, on synthetic materials, and clustered into cobweb-like shapes in the corners of rooms. Currents of air can carry soot and smoke away from the fire, depositing residue in various ways. You can also find smoke and soot in your ductwork because of this and on the farther side of door openings.

SERVPRO of Montgomery North understands that smoke and soot can be found in unexpected places and how detrimental it can be to leave it unhindered. When you call us at (334) 273-0992 we respond rapidly.

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Steady Rain Has Nowhere to Go But Inside Your Chisholm Home

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Steady Rain Has Nowhere to Go But Inside Your Chisholm Home Don't let flooding take over your home. Call SERVPRO for quick remediation and action to prevent a mold infestation.

SERVPRO Responds Quickly In Order to Remediate Flood Damage and Prevent Secondary Mold Damage

Many areas of the country experience heavy rains in the spring and early summer, and our area is no exception. These types of storms send water flooding into your home at its lowest level. Restoring the damage done from several inches of water pouring into your house needs the professional help of the skilled staff at SERVPRO.
The one thing you do not want to do when flood damage occurs in your Chisholm house is to wait to see if things get better on their own. Water can damage your home’s structure and contents if it remains inside for any amount of time. Also, if moisture levels remain high within your house, you run the risk of mold growth and damage. Flood damage recovery is at the heart of our business plan, and we pledge to do everything within our power to return you to preloss condition.
Our SERVPRO team needs to complete some preliminary steps before they begin removing the water and then drying out your home after the flood. First, we need to be certain that there is no risk of electrocution. Many appliances in the flood water use electricity, so we risk trouble if the power is live. Second, other tools and systems use natural gas or oil for fuel, and they also need to be shut off while our crews work. We also need to be mindful of any structural damage or weakness that puts restorers or you in danger.
Once we clear any hazards, we begin by removing standing or puddled water in the lowest levels of your house. A submersible pump works for deeper flood waters, and once the level goes down, we use extractors, which are powerful water vacuums. Air movers are the next line of defense, staged to reduce the moisture content of flooring, walls, and ceilings. Carpeting dries in place if we can lift it to get air moving on both top and bottom. Padding is inexpensive, and we often remove and replace it as it dries too slowly and incompletely.
With our drying goals met, we take a final look for any microbial growth. Mold spores are always present, and it just takes a boost of a little water to get them growing. Drying out the structure within 48 hours gives SERVPRO staff the best chance of preventing flood-related mold growth.
Driving rain flooding into your home has little chance of permanently damaging your house if SERVPRO of Montgomery works on your behalf. A call to our dispatchers at (334) 273-0992 ensures we get on the job within just a few hours.

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Preventing Fire Damage in Your Chisholm Insurance Office

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Preventing Fire Damage in Your Chisholm Insurance Office Chisholm Commercial Fires Use SERVPRO for Restoration and Cleanup. Let's Use the ERP to Mitigate Damages

SERVPRO Offers Our ERP Mobile App for Preventing and Mitigating Fire Emergencies

Thousands of companies are affected by fires every year, resulting in lost customer trust, injury, and damage to your insurance office building. By creating a fire prevention and preparedness program, you can help to avoid injuries to your visitors and employees, costly damages, and possible fines to your business. If you are still unfortunate enough to experience a fire, the professionally trained technicians of SERVPRO can help you repair and clean up the damages.
No matter how big or small your insurance office is, someone needs to be designated as the safety officer to help prevent fires in your building. Certain steps and maintenance can be done to keep Chisholm office fires from happening, and other plans are needed in case a fire emergency occurs.
Implementing a Fire Emergency Plan for Evacuation
Emergency response is simpler when all your employees know each of their responsibilities during an emergency. Make a detailed fire evacuation plan which dictates how to respond and when plus identifies a path of evacuation. If any employees have special needs or require special attention, these details should be addressed in your plan. If you have initiated the ERP, Emergency READY Profile program and then contact SERVPRO once the fire is out and everyone is safe you will receive the benefits of less downtime and costs. Make sure not to hesitate in doing so, as the longer you wait, the more damage results from settling soot and water left behind by firefighters.
Create a Fire Prevention Plan
A plan for fire prevention gives your business documentation that outlines who is responsible for identifying materials which are combustible, heat-producing equipment, and any fire hazards. It also maps out procedures that are necessary to prevent a potential fire. The plan should be gone over with all employees and available for review at any time.
Training Team Members
On a yearly basis, NFPA and OSHA require you to do fire extinguisher training for all employees. Each one should receive the necessary training and be briefed on any updated and new regulations.
Maintain Exit and Emergency Lights
To make sure evacuation paths are not blocked and exits remain illuminated all the time, put into practice a routine plan for maintenance to look for burnt out or broken bulbs. Plus, test your emergency backup power and exit lights regularly to ensure they are functioning.
Practice Correct Housekeeping
Daily tasks are a key step in keeping your facilities free of fire hazards. Ensure packing materials and trash are in containers of metal with lids that fit tightly. Flammable substances should be cleaned up right away, including oil and chemical spills to lower the risk of fire. Equipment should be in the proper storage areas clear of fire exits and aisles and not blocking automatic sprinkler systems.
Also, make sure to have a certified and licensed fire technician to perform safety tests, quality inspections, and repairs to fire protection equipment regularly.
SERVPRO of Montgomery is aware how devastating a fire can be for your business. We are READY to help you at any time when you dial (334) 273-0992. We do our best to get your company back up and running as soon as possible.